a hundred days and more…



it isn’t impossible, but it isn’t as easy either.

it takes more work than you think it would

and it’ll drain you more than you bear.


worth it.

it will all be worth the while in the end.

trust me, for i’ve been through it

from the start till the finish line, i’ve crossed it.



probably the biggest enemy when you’re recovering.

the haunting voice and image of the whirlpool

that would suck you right back into your element of hurt and despair.


stay strong.

don’t give in, don’t give up.

trust yourself, more than the person you trust most

because you are the only one strong enough to pull yourself through your mess.



the reward of a long battle.

the fight within, when won, brings more triumph

than any other that you could ever experience in this world.



this post is dedicated to all those who suffer from the internal battles that you have to fight with every single day. you are stronger than you think you are. you can win this. even if you relapse, or go back to your old habits, never lose hope because one day, you will win the war within. always love yourself – bleeding wounds, scars and all. you are beautiful in every way and you deserve all the love there is so don’t let anyone dictate it otherwise. and when you walk down that road to recovery, trust in your decision¬†and that you have made a choice that would be worth¬†it.

trust me, i’ve been there. i’ve been with people who thought loving me was impossible just because i had scars on my wrist. but i’ve also been with friends who constantly support and cheer me on towards recovery. i’ve heard of all the things people could say…but even they do not realise that they have to walk down their own roads of recovery. i made my choice to not let my battles overpower me, to not let my mind be clouded with thoughts that only serve to harm me endlessly. and it’s been the reason why i’m still here now. because my choice made me stronger than i was.

each and every one of us is strong in our own ways, even with a weak heart and all. you can, and you will, win this war.

love yourself xx



[P.S: it’s been 100 days/++ of being ‘clean’ for me without any relapses, hence the title (:]