a cheater’s plea.


that’s the thing about you

a liar and a cheat

why can’t you just pick between the two

oh wait, you are what you eat.

that’s the thing about you

sleeping around; your hobby

don’t you dare claim it’s untrue

faithfulness; non existent in your vocabulary.

that’s the thing about you

coming back like you regret

acting like a damn fool

remember, to forgive is not to forget.

that’s the thing about you

asking me to close an eye

on all the wrong things you do

but how can i ?

for all this while i’ve closed two.



speak for the broken.



you had me at hello

lost me at goodbye

said you’ll rid my sorrows

but then you became my demise


you loved me one day

but then you threw me away

just because i wasn’t okay

so you didn’t want to stay


but that’s alright with me

it’s nothing new or unique

got left behind by plenty

with no one i could seek


and after all this time

i still stood by my life

if i had changed for the people

i would be bursting my own bubble


broken and dead inside

with no medication that could fix

tired of standing tall

now i’m on the bathroom floor


my cuts bleed

and my scars won’t fade

don’t need no stitches

they’ll come undone anyway


hysteria deep in my bones

a body where chaos reigns

no matter how hard i try

the disturbia won’t fade away