on hindsight.


first post of 2017, eh?

finally i have some time to myself…when i’m sick (sigh).

so, let’s start of with a reflection of how 2016 has been…

it was bittersweet, definitely. i lost people i thought i would be with forever BUT i also met new people whom i intend to treasure for the rest of my life.

most importantly, i still have my best friend by my side (shoutout to Sophie; you my OG bae/bff/sister/girlie)

2016 taught me plenty of things. like how some people aren’t meant to stay, and how some people would love you one day and suddenly not, the next. 2016 also taught me that no one can control me more than i do myself. that these emotions i always feel are a result of how i let myself handle me in situations. people can be germinating factors, but it always boils down to my own heart and soul that cause my behaviour.

let’s hope 2017 isn’t as heartbreaking…or upsetting…or dreadful.




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