i scream in silence.


it’s been way too long

and i’ve been way too patient. with everything. e v e r y t h i n g.


i feel so lost and lonely and shattered into pieces. i try to convince myself that everything is fine and that i’m okay, but hey, that’s all a lie.

i’m not okay and nothing is fine.

how is it so possible, that i feel so lonely, in a room filled with so many ? why is it that i’m losing the will to move on and be happy and to carry on with my usual life ? why is breathing such a chore now ?

but most importantly, why do people only look for me when they need me for help ? other than that, it’s like they couldn’t care less if i’m dead lol.

i hate this feeling. really, i do. but it’s the same feeling i let myself drown in, over and over again every single time.




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