a million sorrows.


ever got that feeling when you’re really upset and you can feel your heart breaking inside 

but you just sit there with tears in your eyes and just waiting for them to fall but you don’t make a sound 

and the silence is such an echo around you

then when the tears fall you just start sobbing painfully because you feel so hurt but yet you’re hating yourself 

because you know that you could’ve been better, could have at least tried to be enough 

but you’re suddenly so lost and tired of fighting for what you love since it hardly felt like you were being loved back 

and the neglect fell so hard on you that you just drop dead, giving up right there 

but deep down in your heart you know that it doesn’t have to be this way so you wanna get back up

but you don’t have the same strength anymore 

so you just stay there quietly, disappointed in yourself for being such a failure again 

and you contemplate on why you should be breathing and living when you should have just been dead.



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