this holiday i…


sigh, in about a week or so i’ll be back in school and i would have to face all the bullshit and annoyance that comes with it. i enjoyed my solitude and being alone this hols and i’m just wishing that it won’t have to end. i’m literally NOT in the mood to entertain ANYONE from school, or even TALK, for that matter. it’s just, idek if i want to be in this course anymore. not that i’m not doing well, but i just got no interest and drive to move on with it istg. but who cares lol.

on another note, i got to hang out with my best friends this hols and we had such an amazing time together, it was the best part of my holidays, can’t deny. hopefully my timetable next semester would have mercy on me and i could meet them more often or something (God, you heard me, i love you ♥) ahaha ><”

work has also been good to me. the people are amazing and they’re really nice. i’ve been getting along well with everyone and that’s actually quite good, coming from the fact that i’m not much of an interactive person when i’m in an environment with people i just met. so to all the people at work, y’all are MVPs – especially for always accompanying me to McDonalds all the time. hugs and kisses for all of you xoxo !!

over the holidays i realised how i’ve changed. i got rid of people, pushed away some and completely forgot others. now some may view me as a fcking ingrate, but tbh, i just don’t need any more bullshit in my life than there already is. people say they will understand or they can understand me but as a matter of fact, they just don’t get it. i’ve also met new people at work, and forged stronger bonds with my best pals, and i could not be any happier or more satisfied with how i’ve spent my hols. i got my alone time, my solitude and my peace that comes with being alone. i got to reflect a lot, suffered a lot and recovered just as much. now, i’m not completely better, but at least i’m not completely dead either. we’ll see which way it goes when school starts in a while more :’)…




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