clearing the air.


serious disclaimer post here for me to clear up some things 🙂

  1. i’m a single pringle potato that doesn’t mingle. why emphasize on this ? because i have written several, if not many, posts with regards to romance, love and plenty of he(s). just to be clear, it’s all hypothetical, no specifics and indirects to anyone. which brings me to…
  2. my posts are solely about life, not mine or anybody’s for that matter so it’s not that good to assume otherwise yeah ? whatever i write is based off from what i’m feeling at the current point of time and i don’t have any specific reason why i feel them – it could come from a vast range of things that affected my mood (from day to day activities to the last heartfelt novel i just finished).
  3. my posts can be depressing. it can be a trigger to those recovering from the damned demons of depression and thus i highly do not recommend those posts to the warriors fighting depression. stay on the clean path, my loves.

that’s all to sum it up i guess and please please don’t assume anything from my posts, my fellow fuzzy friends 🙂



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