not an entitlement.


disclaimer – okay so this post is going to be on education and stuff like that.

in recent years, it’s being observed that many take their education for granted. not only that, many take lots of things for granted. and to top it all off, they think they are deserving of whatever handout that they receive.

personally for me, if we are able to get an education without having to work our own arse off for it i.e working long hours on weekends to pay for school or to scrimp and save every bit of penny because of the countless “rainy days” , then i truly believe that the education we receive is a huge privilege to us. no one is entitled to an education, not even if you’re some billionaire-tycoon-whatever-richass-human. hence, when we are able to have an education, the least we could do is to appreciate what we learn instead of complaining about every little thing that has to do with education.

maybe the importance of education is subjective, but most of us do agree that it could be something useful and essential, so why make it out to be something bad ? and worst of it all is you have the opportunity to be educated, but instead you are so adverse to it. and yet, many out there are dying for a taste of how a comfy classroom feels like.

this then leads to what i’m trying to say in the beginning. we don’t like it but we don’t give it to those who want it because we feel that it is ours and they don’t deserve what is ours. however, this isn’t true. it isn’t ours. we aren’t entitled to it just because we can afford it. if it’s an entitlement, everyone’s entitled to it. but this is a privilege. a privilege many fail to cherish. and i hope that wouldn’t be the reason if we ever fail to make a generation full of successful people.



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