drug addict.


your scent lingers around the hallways you walk by
your smile shines a little brighter than the sunny daylight
your eyes sparkle and glisten under the starry midnight sky
your lips, oh those beautiful lips i kiss with all my might

your laughter and voice that soothes my mind
your effortlessly cute dimples that i envy
your palms that seem to like my mine
your stretch marks that i just want to trace gently

your hugs that engulf the tiny me
your kisses that make me go crazy
your warm touch on every inch of me
your calm breath that gets me in a frenzy

you. you make me go wild and hysterical. utterly delirious.
you. you push me into a corner and get me drunk. making me rave.
you. you pick me up and stitch my wounds. instinctively i trust.
you. you turned out to be a drug. alluring and addictive.

and i, i was addicted, from the first taste of you.
and i, i still get high through you.
and i, i still find my solace in you.
and i, i finally knew addictive meant you.

afterall, you were a drug and i’m an addict.



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