happening all over again.


sigh. first off, it’s two separate posts in a day because they’re different matters altogether. ugh. i’m so tired of all this. i don’t even know what to say anymore. why is it that the one i love is always loved by someone else too, and not only that, loves someone else as well. sickening lol. you know who i want, yet you still choose to fuck around with the same one ? just because i don’t say anything does not mean it’s okay. but you know what ? just push it a little further. i’m most likely going to give up anyway right ? when has it ever gone my way ? for once, i thought i was fixed. but it seems like there’s still people like you out there, waiting to watch me break down again. anyway, who am i to tell you to back off right ? i’m just another girl too. i don’t have a specific claim or title, do i ? whatever. just so sick of these kind of things happening all over again. i fucking give up. and yes, i don’t blame him. with such pushy and unwaveringly ” kind ” attitude, any good person couldn’t help but to play along.



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