stupid girl.


i don’t really know why, but i feel so stupid. what was i thinking when i let him in ? gosh. stupid girl. i can’t go through the same thing again. not the same pain. i can’t even come to accept my past and let it be. sometimes, i still live in it. so why did i do what i did ? it was a stupid move, nobody’s mistake but mine. i should’ve known from the start. we don’t always get who we like. bleh. i feel like i should be done with this, but i keep going back. and it sucks. to give your 150% to someone who probably never really wanted it. fuck this. i need time. myself and i, we’ve got some figuring out to do. i need to shut them out. all of them. they can’t get hurt. not because of me again. i’m done hurting others just because i’m hurting.



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