let the darkness sink in.


time check – 1722H. wow i just feel like a fag. i don’t even know what’s happening to me. i’m becoming too sensitive ew. every little thing alters my mood. things that shouldn’t even be a bother. i just feel annoyed and upset lately heh. i have one more day to get my act together then i have to put up that front. that fake front i hate so much. that’s not even who i am. she’s so fake. that stupid girl everyone knows me as, she’s a nerdy, lame and timid person. wow and she has so much patience for people who would actually make the real her blow her top. but again, that’s the her that everyone likes. the goody-two-shoes. nobody would like the bitch side of her. and no matter how much she misses that bitch side, she can’t be it. not now, not ever. the girl she was has to be buried away. she needs to die. time check – 1732H.



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