looks more like a tragedy.


so i’m writing another post because i’m a fag – deal with it. hmm…i don’t really know what i’m feeling now heh. just mixed emotions i suppose. that title was random, probably unnecessary. it feels kinda different now, not having you breathing down my neck about us. well, it’s definitely less burdensome but at the same point of time, i believe this is just a way of telling myself that it’s really truly the end. more than one and a half years of hurting is slowly coming to a close. and maybe the scars left behind can never heal, but at least i won’t be hurt by the same flame twice. your words still ring in my ears. how hurtful and insensitive they were. but at least it’s just a soft ringing now since i know that you’re gone and not lurking around. things would never be back to how it used to be but i just want you to know that, i’m thankful for the little moments you gave me. those that made me feel like you were my world. i’d keep those memories, they’re nice. and although this sounds weird (because i always have half a mind to wring your neck whenever we talk nowadays), i really hope you find a great person that’ll make you happier than i did. and hopefully this time she’s not some stupid whore who thinks i’m a threat to her. adios.



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